Privacy Policy

At SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies, we care and understand the importance of protecting your valuable personal information. We are PCI Compliant and do not sell or share any of your personal information to any third parties.

What information does SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies collect?

SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies constantly tries to improve and provide better service and products by learning from customers' feedbacks and information.

Personal information provided by you - we collect some personal information when you create a new account or when you make a purchase. Personal information includes name, address, business license number, e-mail address, and phone number. We do not see your credit card information. All payment is processed by a reputable and secure credit card processor.  

"Cookies" or automatic information - like other companies, when you visit our website, we use "cookie" to obtain certain information to better serve your visits. Information collected from external source - sometimes non-personal information is obtained from external programs and services such as website statistic tools and marketing tools for internal marketing research purposes.

What do we do with the information?

The information obtained from the users is used to allow us to better serve you in the future. Some information, such as e-mail address, is used for us to better communicate with you to provide you the most up-to-date information regarding the industry and our special offers.

All information collected will only be used internally, and will not be distributed, or disclosed to any other third parties without the consent from your behalf.

Email Subscription

In order to subscribe to our email list, please click yes when registering on the website.

If you are an existing customer, please simply email us with the following information to be added (name, address, and e-mail address).

This information will only be used to identify your customer account. Subscribers to our email list can "opt-out" from the service at any time with no charge.

SAKSCO Gourmet Basket Supplies considers information about you strictly confidential and does not make it available to anyone outside our company. We will not sell, rent, disclose, or distribute your personal information to third parties without the consent from you.