12 Amazing Gift Ideas for Father’s Day Celebrations

Father's Day Gift Ideas
A father plays an important role in the welfare and development of a child. He is the protector, the supporter, the provider, the first role model, the caregiver and the teacher who teaches you to lead a responsible life. He is the one you can always count on. Nothing can replace his love and presence in a child’s life. As Father’s Day is approaching, it’s time to honour fathers everywhere and tell him how much they mean us. It is an important occasion that provides an opportunity to Read more [...]

5 Customer Retention Strategies for Your E-Commerce Business

Customer Retention Strategies for Ecommerce Business
Customer retention is equally as important as customer acquisition for an e-commerce business. When customers come back to buy from you, it’s a sign they’re happy with your products and services, which increases your sales and popularity. However, building customer loyalty requires effort and proper planning. The absence of a good customer retention strategy could negatively affect your business’ profit and lose the existing customers to competitors. If you’re an e-commerce business who Read more [...]

5 Product Photography Tips for Your Online Gift Basket Business

Use of Tripod for Photography
A powerful, high-quality picture is the secret to converting browsers into buyers for an e-commerce business. It draws attention to your listed product, represents your brand and appeals to shoppers. After all, the buying decision of customers depends on pictures as they are unable to touch and feel your products in person. This is especially true for online gift basket businesses. The attractiveness of their products is judged by their appearance in photographs and everybody wants to purchase a Read more [...]

What to Put in a Mother’s Day Gift Basket?

What to put in a Mother's Day Gift Basket
Mother’s Day is just around the corner and people are busy buying special gifts for their mothers, grandmothers and mothers-in-law. Everyone wants to do something special to make them happy and appreciate their unconditional love. But, what would be the best gift for her? A thoughtfully curated gift basket can be the answer. A Mother’s Day gift basket is the best way to say ‘Mom, I love you’ by gifting her the items she truly loves. Let SAKSCO Gourmet Gift Basket Supplies help you Read more [...]

4 Strategies to Save Money on E-Commerce Packaging and Shipping

Ecommerce Packaging & Shipping
The cost of packaging and shipping is an unavoidable expenditure for e-commerce retailers. The reason is that it is an essential part of the order lifecycle as it starts with processing an order and ends at delivering the order to the end customer. But, many online business owners end up paying more than necessary for logistics to generate extra goodwill and win their customers. If you’re an e-commerce retailer who is struggling to cut costs of fulfilment, then its necessary for you to take Read more [...]

Awesome Food Pairings to Spruce Up Your Gourmet Gift Basket

The difference between an ordinary gourmet gift basket and an exceptional one is the combination of treats that you include in it. Not all food items go well together and thus end up creating mismatched flavours that are not-so-pleasing for the taste buds. That’s why adding only those flavours that complement each other are necessary to create a memorable gourmet gift basket. There are various food pairings that seem to be matches made in heaven. They enhance the taste in many wondrously delicious Read more [...]

4 Special Gift Baskets for Newlywed Couples

4 special gift baskets for newly married couples
A wedding is one of the most special occasions of a person’s life. This joyous ceremony marks the beginning of a new phase for the bride and the groom. They get showered with wedding gifts to give a perfect start to their married life. Most of the presents received by the newlyweds are the traditional ones that gradually fade away from their memories. But, if you want your gift to be a memorable one for the married couple, then ditch the old-school gifts such as kitchen utensils, accessories, Read more [...]

4 Adorable Gift Basket Ideas for Her on Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8th every year in the United States, Canada, and around the globe. It’s a day to acknowledge the challenges and achievements of women in the quest for gender equality. It’s also a great occasion to pay tribute to the women in your life that are dear to you. Gifts are an excellent way to express your gratitude, respect, and love for your superwomen. In today’s post, we’ll give you some adorable gift basket ideas for Women’s Day. 1. Flower Read more [...]

Gourmet Gift Baskets to Make St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations Even More Special

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated on March 17th every year in the memory of St. Patrick, one of the world’s most recognized patron saints and the national apostle of Ireland. People from United States, Canada and other parts of the world celebrate this historically significant day with church services, parades, processions, and great feasts. However, the traditional observance of this festival has evolved through the decades. The modern day celebration revolves around activities such as Read more [...]

Amazing Gift Basket Ideas to Cheer up Your Loved Ones

Coffee Times 12/cs Gift Basket
With the snowfall and terrible weather, the months of January and February have very little to be excited about. Few events are happening and most people over-ate or over-spent over the holidays. This is also a time when seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or “winter blues” sets in. The shorter daylight hours affect moods causing lethargy, irritation and depressive symptoms. It’s a time when your loved ones may feel bored or down and need a happy nudge. Buying them some meaningful gifts during Read more [...]